As a new citizen of the Republic of Chamandia, you must have many questions. We have attempted to answer as many as we can below. However, should you have a question that hasn’t been answered, ask it as a comment below, or drop us a line.

What’s the dress code for this here shindig?

Ask the Emperor. We hear he has some nice new clothes.

But seriously folks, have fun with it. We want you to look good, but we also want you to bring a little sass to the party. Our stated theme is BEAV. But remember: beeeeee yourself.

Are children allowed?

Short answer: Of course!

While the Republic of Chamandia’s national policies vow that we do not discriminate on the basis of age—meaning that even the youngest of the young are welcome in our fair country—we do caution parents that the venue, a public golf course, does not possess large indoor or outdoor child-friendly spaces free of brambly bushes, cars, vicious geese, slightly inebriated golfers, and stray golf balls. We are also not planning any child-specific activities or meals.

There has been some talk of a childcare-share scenario at another nearby location, and we’ll let you know if and how this works out. If you are interested in potentially utilizing childcare for this event, please let us know number and ages of children, and include contact information in the comment field.

Is outside wine allowed?

Yes. But expect there will be a corkage fee.

Otherwise, we are hosting plenty of wine as well (see next question).

Is outside beer or liquor allowed?

That is a hard no, friends.

We will be hosting a healthy supply of beer and wine, however, and hard liquor and mixed drinks will be available for purchase.

Transportation to and from event?

The venue is located about 10-15 minutes outside city limits. There is no bus service, but taxi services and Uber are available. We also encourage guests to carpool and designate a driver.