Chamandia’s Famous Families

What’s Their Story?

At the reception there will be a picture of a distinguished founding family of Chamandia on your table. Sadly, the Chamandian library was besieged by invading Pacific Northwest tree octopi, and all records of their lives were destroyed.


Invading General Eight Legs McGee Fleeing to the Safety of His Watery Hole After Burning the National Library of Chamandia

In order to reclaim national resiliency after such a cultural travesty, and in the spirit of the call to arms that came from this conflict—”Chamandians never say octopi!”— we encourage our guests to consult with your tablemates and create a new history for these worthy citizens. Write this history in the “Leave a Reply” comment box at the bottom of this post so that other wedding guests may roister in their new knowledge of our fair nation.



Did You Hear About the Party Before the Show?

For those of you around a few days before our the big day on the 27th, we’ve got a little pre-wedding party ready for you!

On Thursday, Aug. 25, the Shakedown will host the Crow Quill Night Owls, Deakin Hicks, and Bastet Baladi Bellydancers. It’s a wedding celebration, but the show is open to the public, so invite your friends! The cover is $10. Doors open at 8 p.m. We have a block of physical tickets for our friends and family for cash purchase, or you can buy via the web.

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Oh, Bellingham

Since many of you are foreigners to our fine land, we wanted to provide a basic travel guide for our imminent visitors. We hope you find this travel guide useful during your brief stay with us!

One of the many hobbies for Bellingham locals is exploring the countryside. You could take a day hike up to Oyster Dome from the scenic Chuckanut Drive and see the San Juan Islands and Bellingham Bay.


Or, if you are in the mood for a longer car ride (about an hour or so) you can drive up to Artist’s Point at the end of the Mount Baker Highway. You can see how it got its name.

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In Honor of the Anniversary of Our Engagement

We were recently reintroduced to this classic romantic story only a few moons ago. In honor of our upcoming one-year engagement anniversary, we present this short drama. For anyone who dreams of finding, or has found, their true soulmate—or has every contemplated what the child of early 80s yacht rock and children’s public television would look like. We suggest keeping a tissue handy in case you shed a tear.

These, Our Loyal Allies

In the spirit of a bit of fun, we’ve paired up our wedding party with various birds and other flighted beasts we’ve recently discovered and named, so that our loyal subjects may study and enjoy them under a common designator. As supreme leaders of our republic, naming species is a never-ending, but essential task in building a collective nationhood, so we hope you learn about this, our grand world, as you observe the primary players to stride across our nuptial stage!

Warning: The following contains some profanity, but since obscenities in the English language were mostly the result of discrimination and oppression of the Anglo-Saxons by the Norman invaders in 1066 AD, Chamandia feels that it is its civic duty to fight prejudice on every front.

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