Did You Get a Golden Ticket?

Five lucky guests will receive a Golden Ticket hidden in the Awesome Wedding Mix. Listen to the CD to see if you won!


If you get a golden ticket you don’t have to do anything, just hold the knowledge close to your heart with perhaps a gleeful “squee!” sound and dance around your kitchen a bit with a tolerant pet or child. While the recipients of golden tickets were chosen at random from the guest list, the Duchess and Chancellor are well aware of who got one. Show upĀ at the wedding for fabulous beavy prizes!




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From an invitee:

“My husband handed me this weird piece of mail and my response was ‘What the hell is that?!’ When I read who it was from it made perfect sense!”

Invitations are going out! Leave a comment about your first reaction!

NOTE: We’ve been hearing disturbing rumors that some CDs may be blank. The parties responsible (the Chancellor’s overworked laptop) will be shot. If you have been the unfortunate recipient of a blank or corrupted CD please let us know and we’ll have replacements available at the wedding. In the meantime, check out the online playlist in the website sidebar under “National Anthems.”

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