Honeymoon Quest: All Aboard the Hype Train!

Many of you have asked us, “Hey, Chancellor and Duchess, what’s up with your honeymoon?”

What’s up, indeed.

Well, to start, we are doing the delayed honeymoon thing that is so popular these days. We’ve got to get back to work after the wedding, pay some bills, and settle back into life a little bit after a year-plus of getting ready for this party. But we’re planning on taking off on our trip in either spring or early summer of 2017.

The destination? As many national parks as we can afford to visit!

Funny as it sounds, the impetus for this trip was watching the most recent Ken Burns documentary. That, and the realization that it would be kind of cool to get to know our own country a little better. And, of course, riding on trains is a Hoppe tradition.

To help us go off the rails on the crazy train, please visit our registry.

Right now, we’re thinking that Yellowstone, Zion, and the Grand Canyon are good ideas. Anywhere else you think we should go?




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