Oops, I Died

Germaine_clipped_rev_1Well, this sucks. Last night, after firing off my first blog post—and after feeling sluggish and otherwise not quite myself for the past few weeks—I hid myself by the rocks and the little crocodile skull in my tank and departed for that great fish tank in the sky. Don’t mourn my passing, friends, though we hardly even had the chance to get acquainted. I was quite looking forward to narrating this website, but I think I’m going to go kick it with Bowie instead. I hear he’s got good dance moves. Continue reading


About Those Save the Date Cards

Germaine_clipped_rev_1Star-Lord here, your guide former ambassador for the Republic of Chamandia. Welcome to the first blog post of the Crocodilian Republic of Chamandia—the sick, twisted in-joke that Amanda and Chas are mistakenly calling their wedding site. Oh well. Who am I to judge? For all my bluster, I am only a three-inch fish, after all. Continue reading