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The Crocodilian Republic of Chamandia: Facts and Figures

Rulers: Grande Duchess Amanda & Chancellor Chas

Capital: Irenchris

Motto: “Crocodiles eat everything, and fear is our bacon bits!”

Government: Unreliable Limited Third-Person Narrator

Population: Unknown, we haven’t done a census since the last flag-planting voyage of imperialistic colonization

Monetary Unit: Gypsy tears

National Animal: Crocodile

National Hero: Batman

National Holiday: Feed Your Betta Fish a Worm Day

National Sports Team: The Raníers Softball Legends

National Pastime: Battle Ball Golf

National Religion: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

National Language: West Coast Standard English, which is a mixture of the Hollywood accent and stopping for pedestrians when there is no cross walk and you are blocking traffic

National Anthem: “The Great Satan”* by The Chancellor Chas Hoppe.

*Note: This anthem can never be completed because the Chancellor uses it to tease the Grande Duchess, altering the lyrics to reflect whatever mundane activity she is doing at the time, and usually soliciting a grumbling vocalization and smirk in response.

Geography: Early 20th century residential neighborhoods and local bars

Ethnicity/Race: 55% Pacific Northwest Literati Hipster, 20% Social Equity Champions, 15% Blue Collar Survivalist, 5% Monsters, 3% People Who Think We’re Strange But Hang Out With Us Anyway, 1.95% Wouldn’t Kill a Spider, .05% Hate the British Oppressors

Constitution: “Don’t be a dick.”

Policy of Inclusion: The Crocodilian Republic of Chamandia does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, military status, disability and mental health status, marital status, parental status, species, employment status, socioeconomic class, subcultural identification, political identification, dietary orientation, beverage choice, eye color, fictional character avatar, home planet, and wearing socks with sandals.

We ask that all visitors to our country respect this policy, or risk being thrown to the crocodiles.

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History: Founded on Columbus Day, Monday, October 12, 2015. Many flags were planted and livestock appropriated from lands on which no one was present at the time. The country is named after a 1898 encyclopedia book illustration depicting “African Crocodiles at Home,” cavorting in a jungle river. The Grande Duchess, having taken a graduate class on the time period, was amused by the Victorian portrayal, which could be read as a bit racist, and reminds her of her own ethnocentrism. Once ensconced in the home, those visitors who laughed at the illustration were granted immediate citizenship, increasing the population of Chamandia mightily.